The Deets!

Karen Lowe Inspirations was founded with the mission to empower individuals to LIVE their best life!

I am an Intuitive Coach here to help you achieve balance and organization in your life without losing your sanity.


Life can be frustrating and stressful sometimes and it is important to know how to be organized but also to know how to let go of things that you cannot control. 

Finding this balance between trying to control everything and just going with whatever life hits you with can be difficult!

If you are struggling with this balance, feeling overwhelmed, and just don't know where to begin....

Well...being on my page is a good first step!

I can help with the stress, anxiety, fears, and the unknown that comes along with stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Using my education, my own experiences, and my spiritual gifts we can make your life into one that you truly desire.


Let me help you take that second step! Schedule an appointment today!


I can't wait to get to know you better and start helping you to establish the YOU that you want to be!

See below for some interesting facts about me.


  • My Life (Yes, my own experiences have been very educational) 

  • Counselling Skills Diploma

  • Bachelor of Arts Major in Sociology, Minor in Psychology

  • All the coaching programs I have taken from others


  • Breaking through my own barriers

  • Helping others work through tough times

  • Practice through mock sessions in school

  • Helping friends as I grew up

  • Dealing with my own miscarriage and other things in life

Other Info

  • I truly understand that not one size will fit all

  • I have tried and/or use currently all the tools I teach to my clients

  • Owner of two crazy fluff balls (Babbette and Gizmo)

  • I used to participate in recreational gymnastics and cheerleading

  • Lover of all things that resonate to my soul


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