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  • My Life (Yes, my own experiences have been very educational) 

  • Counselling Skills Diploma

  • Bachelor of Arts Major in Sociology, Minor in Psychology

The Deets!

Karen Lowe Inspirations was founded with the mission to empower individuals dealing with any form of loss to LIVE their best life without regret or apology!

I have dealt with my fair share of loss in life and grew up always helping others through guidance, inspiration, and more recently spirituality. Loss is a tough thing to go through no matter what form it comes in. 


I created Karen Lowe Inspirations to show people there is a brighter possibility once you step out of the shadows. I want to help you take that step!


  • Spent a lifetime helping and giving advice to others

  • Wrote my first book: Spirituality for Beginners

  • Lost friends, family, jobs, relationships, and had a miscarriage

  • Dove into my own spiritual journey when I was feeling my lowest

Other Info

  • I truly understand that not one size will fit all

  • I have tried and/or use currently all the tools I teach to my clients

  • Owner of two crazy fluff balls (Babbette and Gizmo)

  • I used to participate in recreational gymnastics and cheerleading

  • Lover of all things that resonate to my soul