• Karen Lowe

Dreamcatcher: A Fun way to Practice Releasing the Old to Make Room for the New!

We tend to process a lot of things while we sleep. That is why sometimes we have bad dreams.

I remember growing up and being told the story of the dream catcher. How it would catch and stop your bad dreams, while letting the good ones through to continue on.

I remember that the bad dreams would burn away in the morning sun never to return. I always loved that I could have something to watch over me as I slept.

It was an important story to have as a child to know that bad dreams couldn't hurt you. That even if you had them that they wouldn't be sticking around once that sun rose in the morning.

Now that I am older I have started to wonder if we can use this story in other parts of our lives. As I grow and shift to new levels in life I find the old ways of letting go not working for me anymore.

Maybe you have found the same thing. You continue to try and let go of things the same ways you always have but realize hat it isn't working anymore.

This is how you know you have shifting into a new level in your life. When these old ways of doing things no longer work for you.

I spent a lot of time doing unsent letters, journaling (I still do this every now and then to let go), writing it down and destroying it, however, these don't seem to work as well for me anymore.

Burning the paper still works sometimes and even when it doesn't I still do it because....well.....I like fire!! lol

The next step (or level) in my journey of letting go is to make myself a dream catcher and charge it with intention.

As I create my dream catcher I will charge it with the power to catch any thoughts, feelings, fears, anxieties, and anything else that no longer serves me.

Once it is created I will hang it in my window to catch all of these things whenever I am working through something so that they may be burned away by the light of a new day.

Every day that the sun rises is a new start for the next page of your journey. I have found this to be an amazing visual to help me get rid of things I no longer want to hold sway in my life.

I love knowing that I can wake every new day and start fresh. I don't have to keep living in the past and allow it to keep me stuck in my current spot.

They say that doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. This doesn't just apply to our actions.

This also comes into play with our thoughts and feelings as well so why do we hold onto those and only try to change the action taken?

We need to deal with all three in order to make true change. Please feel free to use this visual (or actual dream catcher if you make one) to help you let go of those thoughts, feelings, or actions that continue to keep you boxed in.


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