• Karen Lowe

Full Moon Magick

The Full Moon is a time of intense energy as this is the peak of the Moon's cycle and right after the Full Moon, it will start waning towards the end of its cycle again (End of cycle New Moon Ritual found here). This is a time of letting the old ways go that no longer serve your higher good. It is important that no matter how you choose to release these old ways that your intentions of what it is you wish to release are clear. If there is any doubt in your mind about things or you are unsure about what you mean then the Universe and the Moon's energy will not know how to help you.

If you wish to manifest at the Full Moon you can do that as well considering how heightened the Moon's energy is. This would also be a good time to cleanse any of your tools in the moonlight. If you use Moon Water for anything this is also a good time to put that water in a mason jar and leave it outside to gather the Moon's energy for 24 hours. With the Full Moon coming up on September 14th here is a small ritual so you can prepare.

The most important thing to remember when doing your releasing at the Full Moon is to destroy the paper that you have written on and to focus all the energy that goes with what you are releasing into the paper. When you are writing the things down that you want to release it is important to take a moment and search yourself for anywhere this old habit might be within you and call it all to one spot so that the energy of the habit may exit through the pen to the paper.

Now that all that energy has been transferred to the paper it is important to burn it, cut it up, rip it up, or shred it to pieces so that the energy is gone. If you do not burn it but do any of the others try to make sure that you get the pieces out into the garbage and out of the house as soon as possible so the energy doesn't linger around you.

Here is a short and sweet ritual that I do on the Full Moon when I am focusing on releasing and letting go of things.

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