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New Spiritual Path…Where do I start!

Starting out on a new spiritual path is so confusing and overwhelming, but don't worry I got you covered in this blog post on where you can begin.

Where do I start was a question that I asked frequently when I first wanted to learn about other spirituality and not just the religion that I grew up in. It was kind of frustrating because most people just told me to read and then “do what felt right to me?!?!?!?”

What the heck did that mean?

This was brand new to me, I have no starting point or reference to take from. So, I researched my little heart out and for quite some time that was where I was stuck. I was so afraid to actually do anything because I had no idea what I should do first, if I needed all the recommended tools for my craft before I could start, or if there was a specific thing I should start working on before attempting anything else.

This had me stuck in research mode for quite some time. I have since gotten started by celebrating different phases of the year like the changing of the seasons. I have also realized that there are certain things that would have been good to know when I was just starting out and looking for some guidance on where to begin. So, here I am writing this blog post to help out others who may be in a similar situation. You feel yourself waking up to this new spiritual path but you have no clue where to start and you just would like something a little less basic than “Do what feels right to you.”

I got you covered!!

It is important to research and it is important to "just do" to get your practice started. The first few things I would suggest learning would be about clearing yourself and your space, getting grounded, creating a book of shadows to keep all your information you learn, and casting a circle. These are all simple things to do. If you need some help learning about this, just message me about my book as it is a short book about these things and some other things that are good to understand and get for your new path.

When it comes to learning, all you need to do is pick something you are drawn to and read about that. The worst thing you can do for your new spiritual path right now is to try and learn all the things at once as it will get overwhelming!! Trust me on that one! Shout out your comments and questions below and I will help you wherever I can!

Love & Light – Karen

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