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Top 5 ways to Letting things Go!

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Letting go can be a tough thing to do, especially when we are taught to just push everything down and ignore it.

Ignoring something, however, DOES NOT make it go away. It just allows it to continue to brew beneath the surface and the more you push things down the worse the explosion of everything will be later.

Here are some fun visuals for letting go and a surprise for you within the post.

1. The Dream Catcher Visual

This is a good way of letting go for those crafty souls out there. You can build your own dream catcher with the intention of using it to catch all the things you want to let go and burn them in the morning sun.

Usually, the dream catcher is for dreams but if you are holding things in then they will probably come up in your dreams in some way anyway and if you create it with the intention of taking the things you push down along with any bad dreams then you can use it to help you let go!

For those who aren't crafty, don't worry you are still able to use this way! You would just keep it as a visual in your mind instead of creating a physical dream catcher. However, some of the other ways mentioned in this post may be a bit more fun for you!!

For a more detailed account of this method, you can find a whole post on it here!

2. Using Fire

This is a super fun way to let things go. This one is my favorite method of letting things go. All you need is a flame, paper, pen, and a bowl for the ashes.

All you have to do is write down what is bothering you on the piece of paper and then burn it away. This creates the visual of your troubles being burned away but also allows you to physically do something about it.

This is about intention and you will probably think about it again at a later date but hopefully, it won't make you as upset. It may take a few tries as there could always be residual angry or upset that you didn't realize.

If you are in an apartment or somewhere you cannot light a fire or burn a candle the next best option would be to rip the paper up, shred it, or cut it into pieces. The biggest thing here is that the paper is destroyed.

3. Water

Water is one that is a bit more easy to accomplish but still similar to Fire. For this activity, you will need water, paper, and a pen.

Start by writing out what you want to let go of on the paper and place it in the water overnight. In the morning you should see that the paper is plain again as the things you wanted to let go have been removed by the water.

If you are into intentions, meditation, and the symbolic side of things, you can accomplish letting go of things while in the shower. You can visualize that all of your worries, wounds, and traumas are being washed away as the warm water washes over and soothes you!

4. Earth

For this one, you will need a piece(s) of paper, pen, and a shovel or something to dig into the ground with. I would suggest that if you have a flower garden that blooms every year or one you redo every year then bury your note there.

Write down whatever you need to or want to let go of and then bury it in the Earth. I suggest the flower garden because then even with those things buried in there you can see that beautiful things can still grow.

Through struggles and times of trauma, beautiful things can still grow as long as we get ourselves out of that situation and work through the pain to get to a more healed perspective!

5. Journaling

Here is one that most people don't think they have time for. There is more to this than just writing things out in a journal and more ways to do it. Attached is a FREE PDF just for you on how to write in a journal to let things go.

If you want some other ways to practice journaling you can check out that post HERE!

When we journal things out it allows us to express ourselves and how we feel about things. It allows us to get that clutter out of our heads and hearts. When we clear out this space we need to fill it back up with other stuff so that the negative doesn't linger.

The best way I have found to do this is by writing out some things you are grateful for right after you are done writing out your anger, frustrations, and feelings.

Understand that these may not work the first time doing them. It is the intention behind it so if you are not ready to let things go then it will come back even if you do these exercises.

That is it for this post please make sure to check out the other posts written on this blog for other inspiration and mindset tricks!


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